Well, hell.

YOOOOOOOOOOOO so I botched up my leg again.

Or rather, my ankle/heel?

I think I must have pulled/strained something down there while walking on the treadmill these past few days. I suspect I take much wider/longer strides on the treadmill than I do when I’m outside. Thus, since I’ve had to spend every freaking day this past week on the treadmill (due to the fact that the outside temp = death), I think I just messed it up through the repetitive unnatural stride.

So that’s great.

It’s not nearly as bad pain-wise as whatever I did to my leg/knee in 2017, but it definitely hurts. Now that I’m able to walk outside, maybe if I go slow(er) with my natural stride, it’ll just kind of self-correct and get back to normal on its own.

I’ve already been to the doctor once in the past year; my quota has been used up.

Edit: I got coolio prescription sunglasses now, though, so at least that’s snazzy. How do I look?


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