Boosh daddy

Alrighty, so now that I’ve got my Garmin and can actually walk an accurate 15 miles instead of “15 miles” based on an estimated stride length, I now know that I was shorting my distance by a few miles each walk. This also means that my actual speed is quite a bit slower than I had previously thought.

Which sucks.

That also makes walking 100 miles in a day a lot less realistic, because I’d have to go at a pace of 4.17 miles per hour, and I don’t think I can do that. Especially for 24 hours.

So here’s a more realistic goal: walking 100 kilometers in a day. That’s 60.2 miles, and at my current pace of 15 miles per four hours, that’s about 16 hours’ worth of walking (assuming I can keep my pace that whole time, which I suspect I can).

I bet I could pull that off, huh? My only concern is the leg…would that set back all the progress I’ve made in getting it to the point where it doesn’t (usually) hurt on my walks?

Maybe we’ll see.

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