Canadian Baseball League: Team Update


Still trying to think of names for my fake Canadian teams before the season starts. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Alberta: The Alberta Bulls
  • Anchorage
  • British Columbia
  • Calgary: The Calgary Cowboys
  • Edmonton: The Edmonton Oil Barons*
  • London:
  • Halifax: The Halifax Dreadhawks***
  • Manitoba: The Manitoba Lakers (‘cause…there’s a lot of lakes in Manitoba?)
  • Montreal
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Nova Scotia
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Ottawa
  • Prince Edward Island: The Prince Edward Islanders (I AM A GENIUS)
  • Quebec
  • Quebec City
  • Regina: The Regina Giants (‘cause it sounds cool)
  • Saint John
  • Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon
  • Thunder Bay: The Thunder Bay Lightning
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver:
  • Victoria: The Victoria Royals
  • Windsor:
  • Winnipeg
  • Yellowknife: The Yellowknife Blizzards
  • Yukon: The Yukon Gold****

YES, a lot of them overlap with other sports. COWBOYS ARE NOT A UNIQUE GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURE TO DALLAS, OKAY?

*freaking ksdfjsjflsjfsjf the “Oil Barons” are name of a Junior Hockey Team from Fort McMurry. Gonna keep it anyway. And yes, I know, the Edmonton Oilers are a thing. Gonna keep it anyway. What the hell else is there unique about Edmonton, come on, give me a break.**

**Haha, I could call them “The Edmonton Mall Rats” instead, there ya go.

***Blame Picnicface. They’re Canadian, though, so it’s like a tribute.


‘Sall I got right now. Do you have any ideas/suggestions for the others?

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