Calculus on the Brain

I don’t know what it is about calculus, but every time I’ve had to deal with it, it really gets into my brain.

Like…it permeates my dreams and becomes something that my brain just can’t let go of. I remember this happening the first time I took an actual calculus class during that first summer at UBC (yeah, I know, first calculus class was during grad school. Shut up.). When I went to Boston for the APS conference, all I could think of was calculus. All my brain produced in my dreams was calculus-related.

Same thing now. Now that I’m teaching it, all my brain does is produce calculus-related thoughts and dreams. I’m waking up thinking of limits.

It’s kind of a nice throwback to when I was first learning calc.

And, you know, it always makes me think of Leibniz, so there ya go.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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