• The temperature got into the 40s today. What in the hell. It’s December. I’m pretty sure we were well into the negative Fahrenheits by this time last year.
  • I found a $50 bill on my walk a few days ago. That’s the most money I’ve ever found!


  • As I was looking through my enormous 200+ Word document of blog posts that I have yet to upload, I noticed a large number of my posts start with the word “so.” So that’s weird.
  • I wonder if it bothers my students that I spell things the American way rather than the Canadian/British way. I know I had one student a few semesters back who was really bothered by it, but I was like “bro, I’ve assimilated up to the point where I’m relatively good with Celsius and can pretty quickly convert miles to kilometers, but I’m not just going to start throwing extra u’s in words, okay? You know exactly what the words “color” and “behavior” and “fiber” mean. Calm yoself.”
  • I’ve found a few more Chicago Hope episodes on YouTube and was watching them all over the weekend while I was grading and I’m aDDICTED TO THAT SHOW AGAIN WHY THE HELL IS IT NOT OUT ON DVD
  • I’m super excited to see my mom next week. Moscow party time!

And now the blog is over.

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