So this upcoming semester just went from “I don’t know if I’ll be teaching” to “I might be getting one class” to “I’m getting THREE classes” very quickly.

The good:

  • THREE CLASSES! They obviously need me, which gives me (hopefully) better chances of a permanent job sometime in the future maybe kinda sorta please?
  • These three classes are two STAT 213 classes and the only STAT 217 class being offered this semester. I’ve done these classes before, so prep work won’t be too bad. Hopefully.
  • The classes meet back to back to back on Tuesdays/Thursdays and they’re not too far away from one another.
  • I will have SIX HUNDRED students. That’s…a lot.

The bad:

  • I’ll probably have to drop that Continuing Education math class, though, just because that would probably be a little too much.
  • …That’s pretty much it for the “bad.”


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