Legit Question:

Why do a surprising number of song artists not know what a trumpet is?

You’re probably like, what? Lemme ‘splain:

I’ve come across several songs in which either a) a trumpet is mentioned but a different instrument makes the subsequent sound, or b) a trumpet is shown in a music video but the sound accompanying it is not actually a trumpet.

The most egregious offender is Mr. Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” music video.


*two saxophone notes play*

The whole video. Every time there are those two sax notes, it shows a lady with a trumpet.

Like, I get it. Maybe winds and brass aren’t really Derulo’s instruments. But you’d think someone on the production team of this music video would have been like, “hey, that’s not the noise that trumpet makes. I’m going to look like an idiot if we show a trumpet with those noises. Someone bring me a saxophone!”

And don’t try to tell me it’s because the trumpet silhouette looks sexier. It don’t. Saxophones are sexy, too.

Timmy Trumpet is kind of guilty of this too. I say “kind of” because in “Freaks” we get the line “ah, the mighty trumpet brings the freaks out to the floor” and then the main little chorus lick thing is played by a trombone.

But this line could also be “ah, the mighty Trumpet brings the freaks out to the floor,” with “Trumpet” being a proper noun referring to Timmy Trumpet himself. However, if you Google the lyrics, every source I see has “trumpet” non-capitalized, suggesting the instrument, not the dude.

But I don’t know how many lyrics websites even care about that minute of a detail. Hell, I don’t know why I even care about that minute of a detail.



*chorus lick thing plays on trombone*

That bugger sure looks like a trumpet.

But then Wikipedia tells me that he’s got a digital trumpet, so maybe he can make it so that the trumpet…sounds like a trombone?

Also he’s Australian so who the hell knows.


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