Do school-age cows eat at a calfeteria?


1. What book are you reading?
Nothing right now, ‘cause I’m a bad person.

3. Favorite board game?
Scrabble is fun. So is Pictionary.

4. Favorite magazine?
Uh…that Running Room magazine I get?

5. Favorite smells?
Go to hell

6. Favorite sounds?
Frisson-inducing music. Jazzy purring.

7. Worst feeling in the world?
Failing. Or running your nails across dry towel fabric (or heavy yarn blankets). I really don’t like that feeling.

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

9. Favorite fast food place?
Cougar Country or (if it counts) Mongolian BBQ. But I don’t know if the latter counts.

10. Future child’s name?
I will not be having a future child.

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d….?
Give enough of it to my mom so that she could retire.

12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

13. Storms – cool or scary?

14. Favorite drink?
15. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would….”?
Draw more, read more, create more.
16. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
Ew, no. Give me florets or give me death!
17. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
18. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in?
Moscow, Troy, Vancouver, London, Marana, Tucson, Calgary.

Thank you for not asking me to list all the different houses.

19. Favorite sports to watch?

20. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?
No one sent this to me. I stole it like the thieving thief I am.

21. What’s under your bed?
Cat hair, cat toys, and sometimes a cat.

22. Would you like to be born as yourself again?

23. Morning person, or night owl?
Night owl.

24. Over easy, or sunny side up?
Over easy.

25. Favorite place to relax?
Relaxing is for SQUARES

26. Favorite pie?
Not a pie fan, really.

27. Favorite ice cream flavor?

What sayest thou? Speak!

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