I keep forgetting to mention this on here, so I’ll use today’s blog for it because why the hell not.

That industrial piercing I have in my right ear? It’s gone now.

I used to never take the industrial bar out, but it gets so ridiculously cold up here that I got paranoid about the bar freezing my ear during my walks, so I’d been taking it out for decently long stretches of time. I had it out for less than 48 hours a while back and when I tried to put it back in, the lower hole was completely healed over. Completely. Like, you can’t even tell there was ever a hole there.

I could still jam the bar through the hole in my upper ear cartilage, but just barely. I suspect that it’s completely healed over as well.

I had that piercing for TEN YEARS. I take it out for less than two days and my dumbass body heals everything over.


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