Navel Oranges: Nature’s True Horror Show


  1. Regular oranges are gross. These things are probably just as gross and look five times as terrifying.
  2. I’ve actually never had a navel orange, but according to Wiki, they’re more bitter than regular oranges and produce less juice. They’re also nightmare fuel to look at, but I’ve already said that.
  3. If I’m going to eat anything with a navel, it’s going to be a mammal. Not a fruit. What the hell.
  4. Honestly, most of the time the “navel” looks more like a bad hernia than a navel.
  5. But I suppose if you name a fruit a “hernia orange” then nobody will eat it.
  6. Seriously what the hell kind of terrifying things are these:

(Image from here)

This blog brought to you by the creepy pile of navel oranges at the grocery store.

Christian: “Why don’t you believe in god?”
Atheist: *holds up a navel orange*

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