Arctic Trekkin’

You know what weather is surprisingly enjoyable to walk in?

Heavily falling snow. Especially if it’s just a little below freezing.

I left to go walking this morning and it had just started snowing very lightly. But the further I went, the heavier the snow got. By the time I was in my last 3 miles of the walk, it was some serious snow action going on. It looked like a blizzard without the super heavy winds.

It was very fun.

Walking gives me a lot of time to think/zone off, and when the weather’s extreme like that, I like to just pretend that I’m an Antarctic explorer making my way through adverse conditions to get to my eventual destination.

That probably makes me sound like I’m in elementary school, but I don’t care. Pretending is fun.

So is snow.

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    I love walking in the snow, as long as wind isn’t blowing.


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