Especially when I walk. I think about Leibniz a lot while I’m walking.

And especially on days like this—the 301st anniversary of his death. The world lost an incredible human being that day.

What I wouldn’t give to meet him, you know? To just see him, even. Just be in the same time and place together. Maybe as he’s tinkering with his stepped reckoner. Or working out the beginnings of his calculus. Or just sitting and thinking.

I’ve mentioned this before on this blog and I know it sounds creepy/crazy/WTF-ish, but I just feel like I have a connection with him somehow. I’m not saying I’m anywhere near him when it comes to his genius/innovativeness/amazingness or anything like that. I just feel…connected. Somehow.

I dunno. Maybe I have more than my fair share of Leibniz atoms in me, who knows.


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