Everyone get nekkid, it’s the October list!

  • Some kind and wonderful soul has uploaded every Chicago Hope episode to YouTube. I am in heaven.
  • Colby-Jack cheese is objectively the best cheese in the universe. Canada does not have it, for some reason. I know, I know, it’s just Colby cheese and Monterey jack cheese mixed together, but I can’t find either of those on their own up here, either. WTF, Canada?
  • Baseball’s not even over and I ALREADY MISS BASEBALL THANKS A LOT NATE JEEZ
  • Seriously, Chicago Hope is super underrated. I have no idea why it’s not out on DVD yet.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned these headphones on this blog before, but if you’re ever on the lookout for a cheap set of headphones that still have good sound quality, go with these low-cost Koss ones. Walmart used to sell them for less than $5, but even at the online cost, they’re still pretty cheap. And they really do have good sound quality.
  • So Chicago Hope is out on DVD, but the DVDs are “Region 2” DVDs, which mean they won’t play anywhere but in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. WHAT THE HELL, people, are you going to make me get a universal DVD player to watch Chicago Hope the “legal” way?
  • I have a tank top addiction. I’m pretty sure I own over 40 tank tops at this point and just keep buying more. They keep coming out with new and varying colors and they only cost $3.50 apiece, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO
  • Now I’m looking at universal DVD players on Amazon because WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO
  • (Okay, I’m done.)

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