The Fade: Part III

Hey, y’all.

So I’ve shown you what miles and miles of sun exposure did to my previous summer walking pants (and shirt). I’ve shown you what even more miles and miles of sun exposure did to my current summer walking pants. Today, I’m going to show you what a ton of miles and miles of sun exposure did to my backpack.

At the beginning of 2015, I ordered a new L.L. Bean backpack, because I’ve always loved their super durable backpacks and my old one was finally dead. A few weeks ago, I finally had to order a replacement. Note: these backpacks really are freaking durable. I’ve had this one for a few years, but it has gone everywhere with me (on nearly every walk) and has carried thousands of pounds of nonsense over those two years. It’s probably absorbed more dust, dirt, sunscreen, sweat, rainwater, and other miscellaneous crap than any other item I’ve ever owned. And it’s been in the sun. A lot.

So. Want to see the old and the new side-by-side?


Keep in mind that these were originally the same color. L.L. Bean actually has a new color of this backpack called “mint” and I had to double check and make sure that I actually didn’t originally actually have the “mint” color and not the bright blue color like the new backpack is.

Fun times. Apologies in advance, new backpack.

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