Heeeeeeeey, so just like every other human being in North America today, let’s obsess about the eclipse!

I can’t report too much. Calgary was at like 80% coverage, but the sun being the sun, you couldn’t really tell too much. It got dim, but it certainly didn’t get dark.

I did risk the life of my phone camera, though, to bring you this:


There’s that 80%!

The good news for Calgary? The total solar eclipse on August 22, 2044, will pass right through Alberta. Assuming it’s not cloudy (and we’re still living in the same place), Nate and I will have a balcony view of it. Pretty snazzy!

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    If I remember correctly I think Moscow/Pullman was somewhere around 93%. It looked artificially weird and dim, like taking a bright sunny day photo then turning down the brightness in a photo editing program.


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