Record Mileage!

So July is over.
Time to talk about miles.

This year has had some record months in terms of walking distance. I think I’ve walked more than 400 every month of the year this year, actually.

But July? A completely different story.

  • Total July mileage: 670.48
  • Total July steps: 1,472,068
  • Average July speed: 4.6 mph
  • Total time spent walking in July: 8,687.4 minutes

8,687.4 minutes is nearly 145 hours. That’s a bit more than 6 days.

I spent 6 whole days walking in July.

I walked on 23 of the 31 days in the month, which means my average walk was 29.15 miles long.

I also had that 50-mile walk, which I’m pretty damn proud of.

Here’s a graph of all my walks.


Here’s a graph of miles by day of the week.



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