Alright, so I want to show ya’ll two different pictures of me.


The left one is a picture of me taken in 2006. I’m going to guess this is sometime during my senior year, probably around March or April. I was experimenting with some makeup in my room – I never actually really wore any back then – so ignore that.

The other picture, the one on the right, was taken basically 10 years later: May 2017.

I feel like I look really different, but is that just my imagination? I mean, ignore the makeup in the first picture (I wish I was good enough at Photoshop to Photoshop it out and not make it look obvious)…the shape of my face has changed quite a bit. Some of the change might be due to a weight difference (I was likely heavier in that old pic than in the new, but I’m not 100% sure), but I think it’s a pretty big difference.

The skin around my eyes is a little different, too, and the tip of my nose looks bigger now (in my opinion), but I guess that’s a decade of age difference for ya.



One response

  1. To me the difference seems to be mostly an optical illusion, caused by the fact that you had bangs in the first picture but not the second. Showing more skin (forehead) seems, to my eye, to over accentuate the vertical aspect. My opinion.


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