Boastful Ghost Toast


Me too. Let’s go.

What is your favorite condiment to go with french fries?
Can salt count?

What is a field of study that is of your interest?
Like all of them, haha. Stats, math, philosophy, English, etc

Do you like to eat stir fry?
Only when there are certain things in it. Stir-fried veggies are great.

What do you have a habit of doing when engaging in a conversation with someone?
I cross my arms. It’s like the worst body language you can have while talking to someone because it makes it look like you’re closed off/bored/impatient/wanting to leave, but that’s all I can think of to do with my arms.

Does it bother you when someone cuts you off while walking?
MAN, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Peoples’ walking etiquette is awful and everything is awful.

What color is your mp3?

Have you ever laid in a hammock?

What time of day do you feel mostly at peace?
Never. Peace is not for me.

How has the weather been treating you lately?
SCREW THIS WEATHER, MAN. It’s been incredibly cold for the past like 5 months, and now it’s rainy/windy/STILL SNOWING. Screw this weather, man.

Have you ever lost a pet in a tragic way? How did you cope?
Any death of a pet is tragic. But I remember when I was young my cat Wooder died on my bed. It was dark and I couldn’t see, but I could hear her dying and was very, very frightened.

What type of curtains do you like?
Um…the ones that cover windows?

What can you go a day without doing?
Having food. Food is for mortals.

What can’t you go a day without doing?
Lately? Crying.

What is your ideal weekend like?
Ideal? One of the two days would involve a nice long rain-free, sunburn-free walk with Nate; the other day would involve a nice long rain-free, sunburn-free walk (or run, whichever) by myself, plus some time to work on school stuff. Both days would involve watching baseball and hanging out with my wonderful husband.

Who do you spend most of your time with?

Are you into Graphic Novels?
No, surprisingly. You’d think I would be, though, huh?

Do you have a favorite classical composer?
I’m a traitor if I don’t say Mahler, but I really love Holst.

What type of quality is a must have in a friend?
A similar sense of humor.

Are you any good at reading someone’s body language?
I’d like to say I am, but I’m also the worst at everything, so…

Where is the farthest you have traveled?
Stockholm, Sweden. Or Helsinki. I think Helsinki is further away from Moscow.

Have you ever ate a zucchini?
Not raw. I’ve had zoodles, though!

What type of art would you hang up in your room?
Anything colorful! Or anything Dali, Monet, or Mondrian.

What goes good with a nice cold glass of milk?
Milk is always good after having something super salty, like salty French fries.

What fruit is too sweet to you?
“Too sweet?” That’s a thing?

Can you whistle an entire song?
Damn straight.

When’s the last time you ate a pickle?
I’ve never had a pickle.

What’s that you’re listening to?
The fridge having an anxiety attack in the kitchen.

Was the last thing you drank a coke or pepsi product?
Dasani is Coke, right?

How many times is your cartilage pierced in your ears?
Five times. Two regular lobe piercings, an extra lobe piercing, and two for the industrial.

What are your pet’s names?
Jazzy, Franklin, and Annabelle (Raymond Cat is not a pet. He’s a lion.)

Do you need to take a smoke break right now?
Smoking is dumb.

Have you ever had a pet bird?
Franklin is definitely more Nate’s pet than mine (he’s still a little wary of me).

Honestly, do you think that you’re going to be an overprotective parent?
The only things I ever plan to parent are cats. And yes, I can be a little overprotective at times.

What was the last kind of chips you ate?
Nate lets me have one of his round tortilla chips when he has those, so one of those.

Would you rather have ice cream, freeze pops, or popsicles in the summer?
Ice cream sounds SO GOOD right now, holy crapples.

What kind of relationship do you have with the last person you kissed?
A fantastic one. It’s almost like we’re married or something.

What color are your toenails right now?
They aren’t painted.

When was the last time you clipped your nails?
Like a week ago. My toenails were stabbing through my socks.

Does your mouse have a wheel to scroll with?

What is one thing that you really wish you could understand, but don’t?
Physics. That’s mainly because I haven’t taken a physics class past high school, but still.

What were your grades on the last report card you received?
It’s been over 10 years since I got a report card, yo. I’m old.

What temperature do you like to keep your room at?
The hotter the better, excepts when I’m sleeping.

What is the brightest object you can see by just looking around the room you’re in?
The lamp right next to me.

Have you ever been tutored or tutored someone yourself?
I’m pretty sure I’ve never been tutored, but I’ve tutored a few other people, mainly informally, in stats.

Would you rather wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings?

Where did you receive your last receipt from?
Safeway. Bought broccoli.

What was the last thing you said out loud (singing doesn’t count)?
“I love you.”

Is everything you have on actually yours?
Um, yes?

When was the last time you wore a band-aid and why?
Jazzy caught her nail in the skin of my finger and ripped a huge gash in it. I didn’t bleed, but thought a band aid would be wise.

When was the last time you had tea?
A long time ago. I need to get back in the green tea game.

Do you ever watch those cake shows on the Food Network?
I never used to, but lately I’ve been going to Anytime Fitness during the time that Food Network has “Cake Wars” on. It’s actually more enjoyable to watch than I thought it would be.

Is it annoying when sites have a music player on their profile?

Are you failing any classes?
Nope! Impossible.

What do/did you have plan for Spring Break?
What the hell did I even do for spring break? I probably just worked, eh? I can’t remember.

When was the last time you used a calculator?

Are you wearing pants?
Pajama pants, yes.

Have you ever encountered a ghost?
Who knows?

What was the reason why you stayed after school for?
Like, as in detention? I was making fun of perfect squares in 8th grade.

Does your school ever have bonfires?
U of I did for homecoming.

Would you rather be at the beach right now?
Not particularly, no.

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of hot water while you were in the middle of taking a hot shower?
That’s never happened to me.

Chocolate or vanilla cupcake?

Do you know any parent that lets their kids smoke or drink?


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