The Consequences of Walking 15 Miles per Day

So yesterday I surpassed 1,000 miles walked for the year. I’m too lazy to check, but I’m pretty sure it took me until sometime in May to reach that same distance last year.

So in celebration (?), here are all the things I’ve noticed that are consequences of walking 15 miles per day*.

  • It’s only March whatever and I already have to get a new pair of shoes.
  • My cardiovascular fitness is better than it ever has been. My resting heart rate is in the high 40 BPMs. It used to be as high as the 70s.
  • I can’t actually run like the wind. But a 10k is like no problem at all anymore.
  • INGROWN TOENAILS, ANYONE??? At least none of them have fallen off. TMI, I know.
  • It doesn’t show up well in a picture, but I can assure you that my heels have the texture of pumice stone.
  • Walking 15 miles takes me anywhere from 3.5 to 4 hours. That’s a decent chunk of time, but I try to justify it by telling myself that if I wasn’t out walking, I’d probably spend that time sitting around and being useless. At least this way I get exercise/miles.
  • My speed has also gotten a lot faster. Last year it was a lot of work to break 4 mph. Now I’m pretty consistently at a speed of 4.5 mph or faster.
  • Here’s a non-consequence (a nonsequence?): I still am crap at telling distances. The only way I can even remotely guess how far I’ve walked (if I’m not constantly looking at my pedometer) is by keeping track of how long I’ve been walking, as my speeds are usually pretty consistent. But if I stop to get groceries and/or charge my iPod, all hope is lost for mileage monitoring.
  • There’s probably more to this list, but I can’t think of anything else right now.

So yeah. Party time.

*Okay, so I don’t walk this distance every day. From Saturday to Thursday, I walk at least 15 miles per day. On Fridays I barely get off my lazy butt. So I guess it averages to a little under 13 miles per day technically, but it really is 15 per day on the 6 out of 7 days per week that I actually walk. So there.

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