I mushed two surveys together

What’s something non-political you’re rooting for nowadays?
The Mets! Even though the season hasn’t started yet.

What were the circumstances–and who was the recipient–the last time you were part of a standing ovation?
I have absolutely no idea.

What’s a cheer you remember from high school or college?
“In heaven there is no beer / that’s why we drink it here / ‘cause when we are gone from here / our friends will be drinking all our beeeeeer!”
Yes, that’s a cheer. Welcome to U of I.

What inanimate object in your residence deserves applause for its outstanding role in your life this past week?
My iPod. As usual. The little trooper puts up with me walking 3+ hours a day even in ridiculously cold weather.

When was the last time a group of people clapped for you?
My students applauded when I finished my last lecture last semester. Though they might just have been happy the class was over.

Where did you grow up?
The ‘Scow

Where do you live now?

What do you think about religion?
Bah. I don’t care if other people practice it, just as long as they’re not harming others by doing it. It’s not for me, though.

When did you start using online social media?
What counts as social media? Do the old Yahoo! chatrooms count? If so, 2001 or so.

What did you study to be?
Everything I could get away with.

How are you at this point of your career?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, but there’s no permanency to it right now, so that’s stressful.

Do you use your real name on a blog?
Ha, yeah. I don’t really care.

Do people you work with read your blog?

Are you on the job market?
Only if a “permanent” version of my job is hiring.

If you could go back in time to meet someone famous but now deceased, who would it be?



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