(Hint: it’s me.)

Sorry, people. It’s been a crazy summer. Marriage, job, thesis, all that fun stuff. Plus walking. Lots and lots of walking.


The blogs are up*; there are like 150-something of them. Plus a bonus of four earlier blogs that somehow got lost in the ether and never got posted when they were supposed to.

Honestly? You should just unsubscribe. You don’t deserve getting 500 emails saying “Stupid Eigenslacker Lady Just Mass-Posted 5 Months of Drivel, Go Check It Out!”
(I’m assuming that’s how subscriptions work.)

I don’t know how you put up with me.


*Everything should be up except for two of my weekly stats posts. They’re not posted yet because I can’t find the pictures that go with them. For some reason, they’re not will the dozens of other blog pictures I’ve posted over the past few days. Anyway. Once I find the piccys, I’ll post those two blogs, too.


One response

  1. Oh come on now, every few months you go through this. You don’t suck at blogging, you have a life outside the internet, THAT’S A GOOD THING!!!!


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