The September List?!?!?!

  • Holy hot damn, this has been a good year for music. There hasn’t been an extraordinary number of five-star songs, but there have been a lot of four-star ones that have been extra good. Example, example, example. It’s like 2013 all over again.
  • I found this Klein bottle website like five years ago, but had forgotten about it until randomly finding it again tonight. I totally want those Klein bottle earrings.
  • I found a just-opened Anytime Fitness that’s only a 15-minute walk from campus (as I’ve mentioned before). I’m in the middle of a free 7-day trial there, and I love it. I’m getting back into running, as I mentioned on Saturday, and because nobody knows that the gym is open yet (or even that it’s there), it’s super empty and quiet. I’ve been the only one on the top floor (where all the cardio equipment is) the last few times I’ve been there.
  • Nostalgia! I used to watch this when I was a kid. My mom can confirm.



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