As I’ve mentioned before (I think?), I recently discovered that there’s an Anytime Fitness like 15 minutes away from campus. Today I got up the courage to go there and ask for the 7-day free trial, ‘cause I want to get back into running BUT the weather’s going to start going to hell soon, so I might as well have a gym as backup for everything, right?


It’s a super tiny little place, but I don’t think anyone knows it’s there (it’s kind of hidden way back in a bunch of buildings) and so there were like four other people there the whole time I was working out.

The equipment seems nice, they have 12 pound weights (10s are too light and 15s are too heavy right now, but it’s super hard to find 12s for some reason), and I spent about an hour on the treadmill running a 10k. I can definitely tell that all my walking has really increased my endurance and my ability to recover after working out. I had no trouble with the 10k itself, and it took less than 15 seconds for my breathing to go back to normal after I finished. My heart rate felt like it went back down to normal pretty quickly, too.

So yeah, even though I’m not doing super hard aerobic exercise by walking, the benefits are still there.


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