New office

I moved offices today! I got “promoted” to the fifth floor where all the professors/post docs are. I met the lady who will be taking over my desk in my old office (she’s from Russia and is in the theoretical math area) while I was cleaning out all my crap. She’s super nice and said she wants to come to my lectures so she can refresh her stats, haha.

Here’s a pic of my new office:


I’m sharing it with two post-docs, but one of them isn’t teaching this semester and spends most of his time at Foothills, so he probably won’t be around. The other teaches a math class. Calculus, maybe? I can’t remember.

Anyway, the windows are west-facing, so we’ll get the hot afternoon sun, but there’s no way this office can be hotter than my previous one. That thing was a furnace.



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