This is a “I don’t have anything interesting to blog about so here’s some crap disguised as one of my monthly lists” list. In other words, IT’S A FRAUD, JUST LIKE ME!

  • I wish my thesis defense was over and done with. Like, at this point I just want to finish it, pass or not.
  • (I lied. I really want to pass.)
  • Hahahaha:

  • I like how these “list” posts are just an excuse for me to plug my favorite vines.

  • I want a Bod Pod analysis done. It’s supposed to be pretty accurate in determining body composition (% fat, % muscle, etc.). There’s a place in Calgary that does it for $70. Seriously thinking about it.
  • Speaking of Calgary, this restaurant is one I found on Yelp due to its good reviews. The menu looks pretty nice!
  • Pokemon Go is fantastic. Team Instinct FTW!
  • I should be able to hit 1,000 walking miles by August 15 if I keep up my current pace. That will mean that I can do 1,000 miles in three months. Which also means I’ve been slacking off, ‘cause I’ve never actually done 1,000 miles that quickly before.



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