Pretty City

I love Calgary, man. I just really, really like it as a city. It’s big (population- and area-wise), and I always like the business of a big city (especially downtown) but there are also a lot of places you can go where it feels like you’re living in a small little town.

It’s also great to walk around the city (in the places where there are sidewalks). I’ve been utilizing the paths down by the river a lot recently, and I really just like the feel of everything going on down in that area. It feels like home.


Here’s a video of time lapse footage of parts of the city. Tell me Calgary isn’t beautiful.

I’m so excited to have found the love of my life here. I look forward to spending a long, long time in this city.

(It’s hard for me to say “the rest of my life” with respect to staying in one place, just because I’ve moved around so freaking much. But that’s ultimately what I’d like, I think.)


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