Put your seatbelts on, it’s the May List!

  • I’m going to say it: I like American Dad better than Family Guy. Despite the fact that the families/styles/whatever are so similar, I think American Dad is better. Stan is more likeable than Peter and I just think American Dad’s episode stories are better. So there.
  • What is the big goddamn deal with the transgender bathroom nonsense? Just let people pee, seriously. This is not something that should be so difficult to handle.
  • It’s comforting to know that the A St. sidewalk is the same pedestrian deathtrap it’s always been. Good to be back in Moscow for a bit.
  • Oh, I’m back in Moscow, by the way.
  • I think I might need to go to the UI rec center a few times while I’m here. I miss that place so much, you have no idea.
  • I’ve mentioned this website before, but here it is again in case you’re like me and think these t-shirts are fantastic. If he ever makes a Leibniz one, I’m buying forty of them.

2 responses

  1. I’ll have to second the motion about American Dad being better than Family Guy. FG has always been about the potty jokes and pretty vulgar, but its gotten really bad, and throw on top of that bad musicals that take up 2/3 of the episode.


    1. Holy crap, somebody agrees with me about American Dad. I’ve heard of American Dad referred to as “the poor man’s Family Guy,” but I’m pretty sure Family Guy is the poor man’s family guy.

      I agree that it’s gotten worse, too; I actually didn’t mind the earlier episodes.


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