SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSucks to be you, you have to read a survey!

What time is it?
2:14 AM

Quick. What’s the first green thing you see?
My scissors.

Do you like those Sudoku puzzles?
I haven’t done one in a long time, but they’re not too bad. My mom’s addicted to them, though, haha.

Do you own a plaid shirt?
It’s sort of plaid, yeah.

What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Not a huge pie fan, but I suppose apple is my fave.

Have you read a book today?
Not today, no.

Do you like going to museums?
Sure. Art museums especially.

Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? Or your nation’s capital?
I’ve been to D.C., but I haven’t been to Ottawa.

Have you ever been to the state of Washington?
Indeed. Many times.

Do you like apple juice?
Yup. It’s pretty much the only juice I like.

How cold is it outside?
Decently cold. It’s been cold ever since we got back.

Have you ever taken a course in Chemistry?
Once, in high school. But for some reason they put me in the class that was full of the hooligans of the school, so my teacher didn’t really get to teach so much as just yell at people for being disruptive. She liked me, though, ‘cause I was quiet and actually did my work.

Do you like to draw?
Yes. Too bad I suck at it.

What do you put on your french fries?
Salt. Probably too much salt. I care not, though, ‘cause I don’t have French fries very often.

Do you like everything to match?
I make my clothes match…in my own weird way.

Do you like mustard?
Ew, no.

Would you ever work at a movie theater?
Not if I didn’t have to.

Do you have a phone charger in your car?

Have you ever slept through an alarm?
Hahaha, yes.

Do you like to hold hands?
I do indeed.

Do you want a tattoo?
Leibniz tattoo!

When is the last time you ordered from a catalog?
I’ve never personally ordered anything from a catalog.

Do you know anyone who has a collection of old records?

What’s the name of the gas station you last stopped at?
No idea. That one on the corner by our place, but I can’t remember the name.

What was the first song you heard today?
Work this Body by WALK THE MOON.

Have you ever gotten a magazine subscription as a gift?
Yeah. My mom got me a subscription to Mental Floss when I was in high school.

What was the last video you watched on YouTube?
A compilation of Zachary Pionia vines.

Have you ever sacrificed something for someone you love?
Nothing big. But I would!

Have you ever had your picture in the newspaper?
Yeah. I was on the front page of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News when I was in 4th grade.

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