Statistics Sunday: An Introductory Post

Every Sunday of this year, I plan on focusing on one of the statistical tests featured in the Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures (5th edition) by David J. Sheskin. I will include the following information in each post:

  • When would you use the test? What type of research question might the test help to answer?
  • For what type of data is the test appropriate? Do you need interval/ratio data, categorical data, etc.?
  • Assumptions. What assumptions must be met in order for the test to be accurately employed?
  • Process. The steps (and equations) of the test.
  • Example. The test carried out with real data.
  • Example in R. The R code for the above example.

I’ll start this tomorrow, and while I’ll probably put a little menu button up at the top of my blog homepage to link to all the tests (a thing like a “Statistics Sundays” button or whatnot), I figured I should explain it here, too.



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