Worst Christmas song?
I’ve never really liked “I’ll be Home for Christmas” for some reason. It’s not horrible, but it’s not my favorite.

If you were a Christmas character, who would you be?
The polka clarinetist from Home Alone. The guy John Candy played. That counts, right?
(Totally counts.)

What type of decoration should stop being made?
Tinsel. It’s pretty, but cats eat it and get sick.

Tastiest holiday treat?
Those seven-layer cookie things my mom and I used to make.

Favorite pop culture/stereotypical Christmas icon?
Probably Santa. Santa rocks.

Know how to make cookies/brownies/cake from scratch?

Ever cut your mouth on a candy cane/candy?
Candy canes are the spawn of the devil. I don’t know how anyone can eat one without their mouth spontaneously gushing blood from a million cane cuts.

What other culture would you like to experience Christmas with?
Nordic, maybe?

What kind of pattern/pictures do you like on your wrapping paper?
I like shiny paper.

Will Did you make a Christmas picture for your blog/website/profile?

Three best things about Christmas?
Hanging out with my immediate family, sorting presents (yes, I like to sort them more than I like to open them, haha), having a break from school.


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