• OH MY GOD I can’t wait until my final is over tomorrow. This has been a very long semester and I’m ready for it to end.
  • I was talking to Nate about this a while ago, but for some reason I just remembered it, so I’ll put it on this list: how much different would baseball be if the innings “carried over”? Like, say a team has two men on base and then the guy at bat strikes out or something and the inning is over. Instead of “resetting” when they’re at bat again, like they do, what if whoever was on base at the third out just went back out and stood wherever they were? I wonder how much that would change the game.
  • Word recognizes “Hahaha” as a word but not “Hahahaha.” Weird.
  • Edit to the above: Apparently “Hahaha” is the name of a South Korean film, so maybe that’s why it’s recognized? Dunno.
  • Waaaaaant this semester to eeeeeeeeeeeeend
  • Fisher-centric website!




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