Grad School News

So here’s some news: I’m going to have two supervisors at school instead of one from now on.

Reason is as follows: Dr. Chen said that he wanted to talk to me after class today, and he basically told me that because I’m doing my own research topic rather than one he selected for me for my thesis, he wants to make sure that I’ve got someone who knows the topic a little bit more than he does (he doesn’t specialize in SEM or anything like that).

He also said that one of the new professors in the department has a strong background in latent variable modeling (SEM is a common technique used when you’ve got latent variables) who is applying for grants. One of the criteria they look at to determine whether or not to give you grant money is how much experience you have supervising students. Since the new professor is, well, new, she doesn’t have any experience being a supervisor. Thus, Dr. Chen thinks that having her be a co-supervisor could be beneficial to us both, as she will be able to put down that she’s currently supervising a grad student and I’ll have someone who’s quite familiar with SEM working with me as I do my thesis.


Oh, and her name is Dr. Shen. My co-supervisors are Dr. Chen and Dr. Shen.

That is awesome.


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