Godberry: King of the Juice

Yay, an internetz quiz! This one will tell you your Greek God parentage. Because why not.

Result: Hephaestus

Your godly parent is Hephaestus, Blacksmith of the Gods, Lord of the fire, forge and volcanoes.

You are brilliant and ingenuous and are known for building your way out of trouble. Children of Hephaestus love science and technology a lot, and end up with hobbies and careers to evidence this. Not unlike Athena, children of Hephaestus can sometimes be so consumed with their ideas and projects that they can neglect their personal responsibilities. Most of the time however, this detachment from society provides concentration and focus to finish their projects faster, whence they would require a break and get back into the world. You might have a reputation from not building many social attachments, but instead sticking to a few people that understand your quirks. Despite your gruff and calculated exterior, you genuinely get along with many people and you would help people out in a heartbeat. You never forget those who have been kind to you, but you are also not quick to give up on grudges much like children of Hades. You are also underestimated by many of your peers, and only gain their respect after having to prove yourself. When disturbed or disrespected, you can use your skills to hurt people but this is very rare.

Creativity, ingenuity, inventiveness, resilience, introversion, insecurity, concentration, kindness

What sayest thou? Speak!

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