September List: 2015 Edition

  • Nate has turned me into a Mets fan. I’ve always had a soft spot for baseball (it’s practically the only sport I enjoy watching) because the sounds of a game really remind me of my childhood because my mom ALWAYS used to have the Braves games on when we lived in Troy. It’s nice to be able to watch baseball again. Go Mets!
  • I still like these Blackberry Passport phones. They’re funky-shaped. It may even win out over an iPhone if I ever get a smart phone.


  • (I’ll probably never get a smart phone.)
  • If Alaska is “home of the midnight sun,” I think Antarctica should be called the “home of the noon moon.”
  • If I ever become a supervillain (hey, you never know if grad school will work out or not), I want my name to be Phantom Sun. Though I guess Sean already decided back in 2008 that my supervillain name was Spectrum, so never mind.
  • Cornbread with whole kernels of corn in them are a goddamn culinary abomination. I came here to eat the BREAD part of “cornbread”, not the CORN part.
  • (I haven’t had cornbread in forever.)
  • Read about the concept of “almost surely” in math/stats. It’s pretty wild.



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