Survey says…”survey!”

Are you moody in the morning?
I’m moody in the morning if I know I have to do something I don’t want to do that day.

Have you ever behaved like a stalker?

Do you appreciate other people’s opinions?
Sure, why not? Everyone’s got one and there’s no reason to not respect their opinion as long as they’re not trying to force it on you.

Does baby corn freak you out?
Should it?!

Can you lie and keep a straight face?

Do you prefer honesty even when it hurts?

Have you ever consulted a psychic?

Does the opposite sex’s BO turn you on?
I’ll never know. Unless they come up with some sort of technology that would allow me to smell.

What was the best decision you’ve made?
Answering Nate’s first email to me. :D

How do you feel when someone takes the last of something?
Depends on what it is. The last cookie? Okay. The last parachute on a plane? Not okay.

How do you feel when people tell you “bless you” or “gesundheit” when you sneeze?
It doesn’t bother me, but I also don’t expect people to say it.

What’re you supposed to say when somebody coughs?
I don’t say anything unless they’re visibly hacking up a lung or something. Then I ask if they’d like some water or something.

Do you pronounce a second “r” in “sherbet” or an “r” in “wash”?
No, but my 12th grade government teacher always pronounced it “Warshington” and we thought that was hysterical.

Have you ever committed a violent crime because of a video game or rap song?
Hahaha, no. That’s dumb.

Have you ever actually overheard one of your friends talking shit about you?
Welcome to elementary school/junior high/probably high school/probably college. I don’t really have any in-person friends anymore, so I don’t really care.

How many partners is too many?
Exactly 9,000.

Do you know what the “MySpace Angles” are?

Is Tom still your friend and if yes, why?
Old survey is old. He was back when MySpace was actually a thing, but he didn’t follow me over to WordPress.

Do you have a sponge frog next to your sink?
“Who lives in a seashell dish next to the sink? SPONGE FROG DISH SCRUB!”

Do you believe that wearing an aluminum foil hat will stop the government from reading your thoughts?
If the government read even 2% of my blog, they’d know my thoughts were not worth listening in on.

Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a peg leg?
A peg for a hand and a hook for a leg!

Do you tip the carhops at Sonic?
I’ve never been to a Sonic. And I don’t think they’re in Canada, anyway.

Have you gotten drunk specifically to lower your inhibitions?
I’ve never gotten drunk.

Do you think you’re better than everyone?

What do you take to a pot luck?
When the hell was I last at a potluck? I guess we kind of had one back at UBC. I brought mashed potatoes because I’m all about Idaho stereotypes.

Do you examine the tissue after you blow your nose?
I think that’s human nature. If I snot out a small child, I’d like to know about it.
(That’s how childbirth works, right?)

What’s your cure for the hiccups?


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