Alright, so for some reason they stuck Dr. Lu’s class at the opposite end of campus and we have to trek all the way over by the bus loop to get to it.

Not that it’s a long distance by any means—it’s at most .75 miles I think—but as far as getting to a class goes, that’s quite a ways. Especially for students who have to run labs right before Dr. Lu’s class and have to motor to get to class within the 10 minute break (if they even get that much time; I always have students asking me questions after lab).


Have another picture of Jasmine (who is now almost exclusively called Jazzy Cat or Jazz). I’m trying to get a good one of her face because it’s so pretty, but I also don’t want to freak her out with the camera. So this is zoomed in on her. Hence the blurriness.

image (19)

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