A Year in Calgary: Walking Edition

A year ago today, I moved to Calgary. So what better way to celebrate than to give you all my walking stats for the past year?

Total mileage: 2,162.6 (that’s approximately equal to the distance from Seattle to Atlanta)
Average miles per day: 7.33
Total steps: 4,548,608
Average steps per day: 15,419.01
Average speed: 3.83 MPH

Here’s a graph of my mileage per month.

Mileage per Month

December, January, and February are low because of CANADIAN WINTER (which actually wasn’t too bad, but still); May and June were low because of our road trip and moving to the condo. April is highest because I was switching to my new shoes on May 1st and I was trying to pack as many miles onto the old shoes as I could.

Here’s a graph of my mileage per week day over the course of the year.

Mileage per Day

I was surprised Monday was highest; I would have guessed Thursday or Saturday. Though I guess my weekly walking pattern changed once I met Nate. It’ll be interesting to see what next year’s graphs look like! Hopefully I can beat the 2,162.6 miles.


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