• I’ve never understood why ordering a well-done steak is apparently the dining equivalent of book burning. I’ve had steak like once in my life, but I’d rather eat a charred piece of dry meat than something that’s actively bleeding. Why is that so wrong?
  • Here’s another awesome song from Nate.

  • Watch Community. It’s hilarious.
  • Is it sad that my little jaunt back to Moscow made me really homesick for it? I mean, I love Calgary and everything I’ve got going on up here, but for some reason I’m really missing Moscow now. And I still miss Vancouver a hell of a lot sometimes, too, despite how miserable I was over there. Bah.
  • Crap, I have to write a master’s thesis again. Don’t wanna.
  • So when I was writing last Wednesday’s blog, this happened:


Word 2013 knows who SpongeBob is. The older versions didn’t.

  • My walking clothes are obscenely sun-faded. I’ll post pics whenever I remember to post pics.
  • Here’s a video of trees looking all wobbly through a rainy window pane back during the last storm here:

The August list is OVER!


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