A SURVEY FOR THE AGES! (not really.)

Top 3 ice cream flavors.
Oreo, mint chocolate chip, cookie dough.

Top 3 Disney Movies.
Toy Story, The Great Mouse Detective, Muppet Treasure Island. (I’m using a very broad definition of what counts as a Disney movie. Fight me.)

Top 3 vacation destinations.
Antarctica, Hanover, Stockholm.

Top 3 places to shop.
Like…stores? Goodwill, Superstore, Walmart. (Aren’t I classy?)

Top 3 subjects of study/classes to take.
Statistics, art, music.

Top 3 make up products.
Uh…whatever the hell foundation I use, whatever the hell eyeshadow I use, and Maybelline mascara. That’s pretty much all I ever use anyway.

Top 3 music artists.
Coldplay, WALK THE MOON, Barenaked Ladies. (At least right now.)

Top 3 spices/herbs.
Pepper. That’s it. I can’t taste herbs, so I don’t use them, and I don’t like spice.

Top 3 drinks.
Water, milk, RED BULL.

Top 3 apps to use.
iTreadmill, my little Yahtzee! app, and my Measures app.

Top 3 months of the year.
February, July, December.

Top 3 clothing items.
My baggy green pants, my Black Mesa shirt, and my psychedelic dog dress thing.

Top 3 binge perfect tv shows.
Metalocalypse, Chicago Hope, Community.

Top 3 romantic dates.
Anyplace can be romantic if you’re with the right person.

Top 3 kinds of flower.
Sunflower, poppy, and those ones that look like colored puff balls. Zinnias?

Top 3 Christmas movies.
Home Alone, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story.

Top 3 kinds of candy.
Peanut M&Ms, Reese’s, gummi worms.

Top 3 ways to exercise/ be active.
Walking, using the stationary recumbent bike (so I can read), and running (though I haven’t run in awhile).

Top 3 most used websites.
Google, WordPress, Tumblr.

Top 3 people you last texted.
My mom, Nate, and Charles. (Though my text to Charles was from May or something.)

Top 3 hashtags you use.

Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow.
I don’t follow any Instagram accounts.

Top 3 things you’d buy if you gained three million dollars.
Give money to family/friends, buy tickets to Hanover, more school.

Top 3 scents.

Top 3 fruits.
Apple, banana, watermelon.

Top 3 crayola colors.
Cerulean, orange, yellow.

Top 3 things you hope to accomplish in college.
To finish.

Top 3 people you miss right now.
My mom, Sean, Megan.

Top 3 pet peeves.
People who don’t understand walking etiquette, people who understand walking etiquette but choose not to use it, people who don’t understand how the crosswalk buttons work. THEY FREAKING SAY WHICH STREETS THEY’RE FOR, DAMMIT, HOW HARD IS IT? YOU CAN PUNCH THE BUTTON THROUGH THE POST AND IT STILL WON’T LET YOU CROSS 29TH STREET BECAUSE IT’S NOT FOR CROSSING 29TH STREET.

Top 3 physical things you find attractive.
Stomach, eyes, smile.

Top 3 bad habits.
M&Ms, not sleeping, being me.

Top 3 languages you wish to speak.
German, French, Latin (it counts, dammit).

Top 3 pizza toppings.
Cheese, olives, mushrooms.

Top 3 YouTubers you’re subscribed to.
RoosterTeeth, HowToBasic, 5secondfilms.

Top 3 authors.
Fitzgerald, Verne, Nabokov.

Top 3 historical figures.
Leibniz, Leibniz, Leibniz.

Top 3 dream jobs.
Statistician, psychometrician, Leibniz expert.

Top 3 spongebob episodes.
Band Geeks, Jellyfish Jam, Rock Bottom.

Top 3 things to do in the rain.
Stay inside, feel depressed, miss Vancouver.

Top 3 things to do in the snow.
Refuse to wear a jacket, complain about being cold, frolic.

Top 3 art mediums.
Colored pencil, regular pencil, clay.

Top 3 sports to watch.
Baseball, Olympics (totally counts), figure skating.

Top 3 Taylor Swift songs.
Shake It Off, Blank Space, Style.


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