I went for a walk today. It was weird.

Reasons why it was weird:

  • There was a guy dragging a big screen TV by a rope as he walked down the sidewalk. It was a big TV—like a 62” one or something—and it was like he was out taking it for a walk. I asked him if he needed help, thinking he was dragging it to the curb to throw it away or something, but he was like, “nope, I’m good!” and kept walking it.
  • I saw four—yes, four—different couples walking around where the woman was holding a bag of groceries and the man was holding a watermelon. This wouldn’t have been as weird if the four sightings had been in a relatively concentrated area, but they were all over the place.
  • This kid (he was like 12 or something? I have no idea) rode his bike up to me while I was going up 14th street and started talking about the Illuminati.

Strange walk. Strange walk.


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