I love living in Calgary, yo.

Downtown Calgary

I mean, I loved Vancouver, but that was different. I loved the city. It was my escape from everything else (mostly school and the fact that I had zero friends and the fact that I was so, so sad there). Here, I not only love the city but I love school and I (sort of) have friends and I have Nate and I have happiness!

It’s big enough population-wise that there’s the feeling of anonymity, but it’s big enough area-wise that there are good chunks of the city that don’t feel “big city” at all, which is nice for walking.

I also feel a weird connection with Calgary. It’s probably because the 1988 Olympics were held here just a few days after I was born. Which is a weird reason to feel connected to a city, but what are you gonna do.

Finally, everything that’s happened up here so far has made this the most accurate fortune cookie fortune I’ve ever received:




One response

  1. Its so good to see you are happy!


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