Okay, so I know we’re still like 9 months away from it, but I’m already excited about my “10 years of blogging” thing next May. That’s a decade of blogging, dudes. That’s a long time.

Here are a few things I plan on doing for the big anniversary:

  • Yearly stats: which years had the most words, which years had the highest/lowest GFI scores, all that stuff.
  • Category stats: which categories had the most posts, which had the least, which had the most words, which had the least, etc.
  • Title stuff! I want to see how many titles I’ve repeated (and how many times) and do a list of my favorites.
  • Tag stuff! When I first started using the tags I was super serious about it, but that’s quickly devolved into “can I fit a stupid joke or two in the tags of this post?”

And probably a bunch of other things I’ve forgotten to include here. Sorry, I started this post and then got distracted reading about Johann Bernoulli, then came back and forgot what else I was going to add to this list.

Claudia: Master Blogger.

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