Road Trip – Day 17: Idaho Falls to Bozeman (Grand Teton and Yellowstone)

So the plan today was to drive from Idaho Falls to Bozeman via Grand Teton and Yellowstone (we were coming from the south end of things). We were not planning on doing much in the parks other than seeing Old Faithful, since it seems like it’s quite difficult to get the full Yellowstone experience without camping there and we were not equipped to camp there.

However, once we got into Yellowstone itself, we found that the road we’d have to take to easily get to Old Faithful was closed for construction/repair. We could have gotten to it using an alternate route, but that would have meant about 90 more miles of driving, and that was something neither of us felt like. So no Old Faithful for us. I’ll post some stats-related stuff about the geyser in a later blog, though, so there’s something good to look forward to!

We were also not in the right place for Mammoth Hot Springs, which I’m pretty sure is where my dad and I were when he took me to Yellowstone way back when. That’s where all the really cool stuff is.

Oh well. Have some bubbling mud volcanoes and a bison!



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  1. […] the Old Faithful location, seeing as how I was like six years old when I saw it and Nate and I were thwarted in our efforts to see it a few weeks ago. But hey, any excuse to talk about stats, […]


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