Hey, so this is pretty cool. Ever wonder what your vocal range is in terms of being a bass/tenor/soprano/etc? Now you can figure it out! Watch the video, singing along with the notes. It’ll help you figure out your lowest comfortable note first, then your highest comfortable note. Then you can use this chart (or the one at the end of the video) to figure out what voice section of a choir you might be placed in.

My lowest comfortable note is a C3; my highest is the E6 (baaaarely). That puts me almost perfectly in the tenor to soprano range.



2 responses

  1. Fun! F2 to C6 for me, so roughly Alto? I don’t know of a lot of adult guys that are Alots…


    1. Nice, that’s an impressive range. I knew a guy who sang soprano in junior high but now sings bass, haha.


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