In This Blog: Claudia Ruins Another Pair of Shoes

In news that is likely quite shocking: 1,450 miles of walking will murder a pair of shoes.

I’ve had my Kinvara 5’s since September 8, 2014. Since then, I’ve walked 1,450 miles in them while up here in Calgary. Have some walking stats!

Total distance: 1,450.28 miles (2,334 kilometers)
Total steps: 3,062,328 steps
Total time: 370 hours (15.41 days)
Most mileage in a single day: 22.9 miles (April 29)
Least (non-zero) mileage in a single day: 0.37 miles (April 11) (We just walked from Nate’s place to the new condo and back)


month week

1,450 miles is approximately the distance from Vancouver, BC to Winnipeg, MB. Or, if you want to go north-south, it’s approximately the distance from Milwaukee, WI to Miami, FL.


Pretty snazzy.

So unless I die or something, I’m pretty sure I’ll hit 1,500 miles by the end of the year (which was my goal). If I can get to 2,000, I’d be super happy.

WOO! My Kinvara 5’s can now retire. It’s time for the new ones to earn their stay.


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  1. Impressive.


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