The “Claudia, Why Do You Have So Many Trinkets?” Blog


In the wake of EXCITING CONDO NEWS comes the NOT SO EXCITING “I HAVE TO PACK UP ALL MY CRAP AGAIN” realization. Joy of joys.


I got to looking around at the stuff on my shelves and I realized that I really do have a lot of little…thingies.

Just thingies.


This little Space Needle thingy. I like it ‘cause of the color.

image (4)

This crown thing. I think it’s for rings, but since I have no rings (or any that I ever wear, haha), I just keep this on the top shelf because it’s pretty.

image (3)

Itty bitty hippo!

image (5)

All my Lego dudes and miscellaneous other Lego things. These were what I used in my old Wacky Peter videos.

image (6)

This super old iPod Nano that hardly holds a charge but I keep JUST IN CASE.

image (7)

This clay dino that I made way back when. I made him so that he fits my hand nicely.

image (8) image (9)

Sparkly bird! It’s actually a photo holder (it’s got a ring at the top of it), but I just have it on my shelf.

image (10)

Skunk. This was Raymond Cat’s toy, but he didn’t like it and I thought it was cute, so I kept it, haha.

image (11)

Wobbly dude.

image (12)

Yeah. I don’t have any real use for any of these, but most of them have been with me for awhile, so I just hang on to them, haha.


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