STOP! Wait a minute! Fill my blog, put some nonsense in it!

I am in a WEIRD MOOD, so you get a WEIRD BLOG

  • Hahaha.
  • I’m getting back into OK Go ever since we went to the concert.
  • It’s getting harder and harder to wait to read that Newton biography. Though I’m going to read it over the summer! And of course read Leibniz’ bio around the beginning of July, because that’s tradition now.
  • I miss my old band friends.
  • I miss my old high school friends, too. I wonder where everybody is and what they’re all doing now (I’m pretty sure none of them read my blog anymore, haha).
  • UGH, this blog of mine. It’s the most annoying thing on the internet sometimes, huh?
  • Okay, I’m done.


Is this the April List? WHO KNOWS?!!?!?!


(I’m not on drugs, I swear)


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