The April List – 2015


  • I wish I knew when I was TA-ing in the spring/summer.
  • Yes, I said “spring/summer” because U of C is weird. “Fall semester” is like UI’s fall semester (September to December). “Winter semester” is like UI’s spring semester (January to April). “Spring semester” is like the first half of UI’s summer semester (May to June) and “summer semester” is like the second half of UI’s summer semester (July to August). Odd news.
  • May needs to get here for two reasons: 1) I’m ready for this semester to be over, and 2) I really, really need new shoes.
  • Holy hell, do I need new shoes.
  • I should bring those “This Week’s Science Blog” posts back.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to see Age of Ultron with Nate and I’m super excited. Excited enough to make it a point in the April list, apparently.
  • Um, iPod? I’m not sure that conversion is correct.

image (13)

  • I have a very strong and sudden urge to write a biography of John Tukey. Statisticians need biographies, too! It’s too bad I suck at writing in general and suck even more at nonfiction writing.
  • HAHAHA, I accidentally hit the “random blog post” button on my blog and it brought me to this page and I remember finding that damn picture on the Australian Chicken Meat Federation webpage. WTF, Australia?



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