You know you’re in Canada when…

I’m at Safeway and in the checkout lane next to a checker who’s just turned her light off to go home. A guy drives his cart up to her conveyor and starts unloading stuff.

Checker: I’m sorry, sir, I’m closed.
Guy: What?
Checker: I just closed, sorry.
Guy: Oh! I’m sorry!
Checker: It’s alright, sir!
Guy: I’m sorry, let me take this stuff off the belt.
Checker: I’m sorry; here, let me help.
Guy: Sorry!
Checker: Sorry!

This goes on for like a minute while they clear off his stuff and he runs off, apologizing, to the next open checker.

Oh, Canadians.

2 responses

  1. Ha ha that’s pretty great!


    1. Things like this happen quite often, haha.


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