Pre-Music-Project Music


So I’m a little bit more than halfway through my big Decade of Music project, right? And you know how at the end of each year since 2010 I’ve been giving you my yearly music reviews containing all the year’s five-stars and all that?

Well, since I have absolutely nothing else to blog about today, I figured I’d provide you with my favorite pre-2010 songs, since there are several ones that are damn awesome but kind of got cheated because I got them before 2010.

(Note: I’ve probably mentioned each of these at least once on here. Too bad, you’re gettin’ ‘em again.)


Claudia’s Top 10 Pre-2010 Songs

What did you expect to be at the top of this list, honestly? Sleepyhead was the king of my “most played” playlist for a long, long time. It’s not top of the list anymore, but I still really, really like it when I listen to it. The chorus makes me tingly.

Sleepyhead (Jazzsteppa Remix)
This was the first Sleepyhead remix I’d downloaded and it’s still one of my favorite songs. It took the amazing chorus and made it OHMYGOD.

Get Over It
This is still my all-time favorite Ok Go song. It predates their insanely intricate music videos (the song’s actually from 2002!), but the music video is still pretty tight. I just really like the energy of this song.

This song juuuuuuust missed being a 2010 download; it was an iTunes freebie in like November 2009 or something like that. Fantastic song. Dan Black’s voice is really nice.

Lights and Music
One of the earliest iTunes freebies I ever downloaded. The chorus (2:02) totally makes this song.

Pieces of Me
I LIKE THIS SONG, OKAY? It reminds me of high school and pre-iTunes when I had to either wait until I heard my favorites songs on the radio or buy entire CDs for just one song I liked.

Breathe (LMC Extended Club Remix)
The original song is slow and meh, but this remix makes me super happy. Listen to this one with headphones that have a good bass.

O Magnum Mysterium
This song corresponds with a really good college semester (spring 2007). I call that my “enlightenment semester” (which is not a pretentious name at all, right?) because that was the semester I took Literature of Western Civilization II, which really introduced me to a lot of stuff that I probably would not have studied on my own. It took my educational path in a different direction.

Hide and Seek
I found this by accident on iTunes and still just really, really love it.

The Riddle
My friend Jacob introduced me to this song in 2008 and it was my number one most-played until Sleepyhead came along. The music video’s pretty cool, too.

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